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Holiday Treasures On-Site Education Program

A string of jingle bells and a plate of red apples decorate a wooden table.
Jingle your way around the world as you learn about cultural diversity at Fort Stanwix NM!

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Students will discover how the cultural diversity of the 18th century laid the foundation for our winter celebrations of today.A lively game at the start of the program reviews familiar holiday decorations and traditions followed by a tour of the fort to introduce students to the sights, smells, and sounds of the past. Each living space within the fort engages children in a different world culture representing the countries from which individuals of the 3rd New York regiment hailed from during the American Revolution. Each room has its own stamping station where students stamp their own passport books identifying the "country" they just visited.This interactive program concludes with a review of their journey to help students connect the past to the present through our common winter traditions.


Colonial History, Community, Family Life, History, Revolutionary War, Social Studies
National/State Standards:
New York State Social Studies Core Curriculum
Common Core: RI.1.1; RI.2.6; RI.3.1; SL.1.2,3; SL.2.2,3; SL.3.2,3
culture, diversity, Revolutionary War, Fort Stanwix, Holiday
Field Trips