Tai Chi in the Park

Fort Smith National Historic Site has long held a special place in our community for its history. Of equal importance has been the site's peaceful landscape that offers visitors a quiet space to reflect, meditate, exercise, seek inspiration, or just escape the fast-paced world beyond the park's boundaries. The National Park Service is proud to partner with instructor Cindy Cole to introduce a new way of enjoying the park. Tai Chi.

Developed in China as a form of martial arts in the 12th century, Tai Chi offers practitioners a low-impact form of mental and physical conditioning that focuses one's attention on slow movement and breathing.

Is Tai Chi right for you? Imagine an exercise in which you focus on your breathing, clear your mind of all distractions, and listen to the "song" of your joints as Cindy guides you through slow and graceful movements. You end the session calm, peaceful, and relaxed.

Invest in yourself by setting aside an hour's worth of time each Saturday morning to attend free sessions with Cindy. See what Tai Chi can do for you. Along the way you'll meet new people, feel better about yourself, and perhaps find peace of mind.

Last updated: July 9, 2016

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