Execution Anniversary Programs

Programs are presented at the reconstructed gallows on the anniversary dates of executions carried out during the years that the federal court at Fort Smith had jurisdiction over Indian Territory. Federal executions were conducted here for 23 years, from 1873 through 1896. 79 of the 86 men executed here were put to death during Judge Isaac Parker’s tenure.

The talks will provide a general overview of the federal court during the late 19th century, federal law involving capital crimes, and conditions in Indian Territory. Park rangers will present information about the condemned individual/s executed on that date. The crime and victims, court case, execution, and the violent nature of these historic events will be discussed. The anniversary dates of executions are the only times that the park hangs nooses on the gallows; the number of nooses represents the number executed on that day.

The free programs are offered at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on the following dates. Listed are the names of the men who were executed on those dates.

January 14

John T. Echols

James Lamb

Albert O’Dell

John Stephens

January 15

McClish Impson

January 16

Harris Austin

John Billy

Jimmon Burris

Sam Goin

Jefferson Jones

Thomas Willis

January 25

Richard Smith

January 30

George Tobler

March 17

Crawford Goldsby, alias Cherokee Bill

April 3

John Billy

Isaac Filmore

John Pointer

April 8

Patrick McCarty

April 13

Robert Massey

April 17

William Phillips

April 19

Malachi Allen

James Mills

April 21

Gibson Ishtanubbee

William Leach

Orpheus McGee

Isham Seeley

Aaron Wilson

April 23

Joseph Jackson

James Wasson

April 27

Jackson Crow

Owen Hill

George Moss

Sheppard Busby

April 30

Webber Isaacs

George Pierce

John Pierce

June 26

James Arcine

William Parchmeal

June 28

John Thorton

June 29

William Finch

Martin Joseph


June 30

Edward Fulsom

Boudinot Crumpton, alias Bood Burris

July 1

Rufus Buck

Lewis Davis

Lucky Davis

Maoma July

Sam Sampson

July 6

Gus Bogles

July 9

John Stansberry

July 11

John Davis

Thomas Thompson

Jack Womankiller

July 23

Calvin James

Lincoln Sprole

July 25

Lewis Holder

July 30

George Wilson, alias James Casherago

August 6

Kitt Ross

August 15

John Childers

August 29

William Elliot Wiley, alias Colorado Bill

Dr. Henri Stewart

August 30

Jack Spaniard

William Walker

September 3

Edmund Campbell

Daniel Evans

Samuel Fooy

Smoker Mankiller

James Moore

William Whittington

September 8

Samuel Peters

Osey Sanders

John Valley

Sinker Wilson

September 9

William Brown

Abler Manley

Amos Manley

Patrick McGowen

George W. Padgett

September 20

John Pointer

October 7

Seaborn Kalijah, alias Seaborn Green

Silas Hampton

October 10

Tunagee, alias Tuni

Young Wolf

December 20

James Diggs

John Postoak

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