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Fort Scott has three different Junior Ranger booklets. One for preschool children (ages 3-5), one for younger elementary age children (ages 5-7) and one for older children (ages 8 and above).

The booklet for older kids (suggested ages eight and above) has several pages of activities with different skill levels of activities on each page. Participants can choose just one activity to complete on each page. To help complete the activities, participants take a haversack (or bag of props) and a packet of documents around with them. These items, along with the booklet can be checked out at the park visitor center. To complete one activity on each page will take participants between 1.5 and 2 hours. There are 16 pages of activities altogether.

Junior Ranger Booklet Cover

Junior Ranger Program-Intermediate and Advanced
(broken into five sections due to size requirements)

Part 1 9.24 mb

Part 2 9.43 mb

Part 3 10.9 mb

Part 4 8.62 mb

Part 5 12.0 mb


The booklet for younger kids (suggested ages 5-7) only has eight pages of activities, with 13 activities. We encourage the younger kids to do each activity in the booklet. Younger participants can take the haversacks around with them to complete the activities, but do not need the document packet.

The booklet for preschool students has not yet been posted online.

Cover for Junior Ranger Booklet for beginners

Junior Ranger Program-beginner
(broken into three sections, due to size requirements)

Part 1 6.6 mb

Part 2 9.52 mb

Part 3 9.97 mb

Once the booklets are completed, participants can take the booklets to the visitor center, where park staff will review the booklets and award participants their junior ranger badges.

It may be possible to fill out part of these booklets by exploring our website, although the activities requiring the haversack and the document package will need to be done onsite.

In addition. we have developed a summer day camp known as the Fort Scott Trailblazer Program. Children ages 9-12 from the community participate in a series of activities spread over 5 days that expose them to the mission of the National Park Service. This program is generally held the first week of August each year.

To find out more about Junior Ranger programs at other NPS sites, follow this link.

NPS Junior Ranger Page

Last updated: December 19, 2019

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