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(1840s) Heartache and Tragedy: Fort Scott and Indian Removal

Cherokees traveilling the Trail of Tears
Cherokees traveling the Trail of Tears

Granger Collection, New York

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In this program, students explore various concepts related to Indian Removal-home, forced removal, prejudice. Students then participate in an activity designed to simulate the experience of the Cherokee tribe's movement westward along the Trail of Tears,

This program may be offered as part of our Sweep Through History program, but it can be presented at other times of year, providing stafiing is avalilable. Program is thirty minutes in length.


Barak Geertsen


American Indian History and Culture
National/State Standards:
Kansas SS Standards One, Four, and Five
Missouri SS Standards Two and Six
trail of tears, Indian Removal, Permanent Indian Frontier, Cherokee Indians
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