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(1850s) Montgomery's Raid: Bleeding Kansas Play

Artists' depiction of Montgomery's Raid-Men firing towards builing.
Artist's depiction of Montgomery's Raid

Keith Rocco

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"Bleeding Kansas:Montgomery's Raid on Fort Scott" is a dramatic account of events which occurred on December 16, 1858.This play, of approximately twenty minutes duration, is designed to provide students the opportunity of gaining insight into the struggles for statehood experienced in Southeast Kansas.By taking on the role of actual historical characters, our goals for the students are twofold:One, to give the student intimate knowledge of events which occurred in Fort Scott and two, have the student relate anevent of today which causes as deep divisions in beliefs as those experienced in "Bleeding Kansas".

The play is designed for middle school students, while the play itself can be done in a half hour, the setup and execution of the play and any group discussion usually takes longer, so it is recommended that forty five minutes be allocated for this program. Program not available during spring education programs or special events.


Barak Geertsen


Civil War
National/State Standards:
Missouri SS Standards Two and Six
Kansas SS Standards One, Three, Four, Five
Bleeding Kansas, James Montgomery
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