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(1840s) A Hearty Grip: Fort Scott Soldiers in the Mexican-American War

Battle of Cerro Gordo-shows American soldiers charging uphill against Mexican soldiers.
Battle of Cerro Gordo during the Mexican American War

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In this program, students stage three different tableaus or scenes in which Fort Scott soldiers fought during the Mexican American War. For each scene, there is a dramatic narration that a student  reads while others recreate the scene.  The program overall is designed to share the stories of courage and fear experienced by Fort Scott soldiers during the Mexican American War.

This program is available any time of year, by advance arrangement, except during spring education programs and special events. Program is 30 minutes in length.


Barak Geertsen


Mexican War, Military and Wartime History
National/State Standards:
Missouri SS Standard Two and Six
Kansas SS Standard One-Five
U.S. Dragoons, Mexican-American War
Field Trips