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(1860s) The Iron Heel of War: Civil War Mini Tour

Civil War reenactors at Fort Scott NHS
Civil War reenactors at Fort Scott NHS

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In this program, students take on the role of refugees who have come to Fort Scott for medical care, food, and protection. Along the way the group visits four different sites important to Fort Scott in the Civil War-the guardhouse, hospital, parade ground, and quartenmaster storehouse. At each stop, students participate an interactive activity designed to teach students the important role that Fort Scott played in the Civil War.

This program is offered anytime of year except during spring education programs and special events, providing staffing is available. Program is 45 minutes in length.


Barak Geertsen


African American History and Culture, American Indian History and Culture, Civil War, Health, Law, Military and Wartime History, Transportation
National/State Standards:
Kansas SS Standards One, Four and Five,
Missouri SS Standards Three A and Six
Civil War, justice and law, refugees, Civil War Medicine, African American soldiers, American Indian soldiers, supply depot, transportation
Field Trips