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(1840s) Trails of Tragedy: Three Stories of Indian Removal

Painting called the Shadow of the Owl which shows the Cherokee journeying westward under the shadow of an owl.
Shadow of the Owl

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The stories of three tribes-Sac and Fox, Potawatomie, and the Cherokee-who were forced to relocate to Kansas are told in this program by means of a powerpoint. During the program, six different students participate in dramatic readings that reveal  the stories and perspectives of those involved in the removal. The program asks the question if forced removal of a group of people is ever justified.

This program is available any time of year for school groups, by advance arrangement, except for during spring education programs and special events. Program lasts for thirty minutes.


Barak Geertsen


American Indian History and Culture
National/State Standards:
Kansas SS Standards One-Five
Missouri SS Sandards Two and Six
trail of tears, Indian Removal, Cherokee Indians, Pottawatomie Indians, Sac and Fox Indians
Field Trips