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(1840s) Trails of the Dragoons: Patrolling the Overland Trails

Dragoon escorting wagon train
Dragoon escorting wagon train on Oregon Trail

Hugh Brown/NPS Pnoto

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In this program, students reenact and then analyze two scenes of dragoon activity along the trail. One of the scenes portrays an incident where the dragoons encounter Texans along the Santa Fe Trail. The other portrays a fictitious meeting between a dragoon and Oregon pioneers with a group of Pawnee Indians watching from a distance. The program portrays the different points of view of those who played a role in westward expansion that Fort Scott soldiers came in contact with.

This program can be presented any time of year by advance arrangement for school groups except for during spring education programs and special events. Program is 30 minutes in length.


Barak V. Geertsen


American Indian History and Culture, Military and Wartime History, Pioneer America, Westward Expansion
National/State Standards:
Kansas SS Standards One, Four and Five
Missouri SS Standards Two and Six
U.S. Dragoons, Santa Fe Trail, Texan freebooters, traders, pioneers, oregon trail, Pawnee Indians
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