Field Trips

(1860s) A Most Diverse Army

Artwork of American Indian Soldiers and African American Soldiers
American Indian and African American Soldiers

Hugh Brown/ NPS owns artwork

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This program explores the challenges and prejudices that African Americans and American Indians faced in becoming a part of the Union Army during the Civil War. Students break out into small groups and discuss pros and cons of both groups joining the Union Army. After a discussion on these factors, students are then sworn in as Union soldiers.

This program has some culturally sensitive material. Students should be cautioned to keep their comments focused on the issues and not to use any offensive terminology in discussing these issues. One of the goals of the program is to discuss the issues and biases present at the time, while maintaining respect for all persons involved.

The program may be offered during A Sweep Through History or can be presented separately at other times of the year. The program is 30 minutes in length


Barak Geertsen


African American History and Culture, American Indian History and Culture, Civil War, Military and Wartime History
National/State Standards:
MO SS Standards One, Two, and Six
KS Seventh Grade SS Standards, Units Two and Three, Standard Two
KS Eigth Grade SS Standards, Unit Four, Standards One-Five
Civil War
Field Trips