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(1860s) Supplies, Survival and Success: Civil War Quartermaster

Soldiers loading Army Freight Wagon
Civil War Soldiers loading Freight Wagon

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In this lesson, your class will learn about the role that Fort Scott played as a wartime Army supply depot and the logistics involved in transporting storing, and distributing those supplies. The class will then compare that to modern supply delivery methods. During this program, students will have the opportunity to gain insight and appreciation of the critical role of supply functions in both historic and modern times.

This program can be offered as part of A Sweep Through History or can be given separately at other times of year, providing that staffing is available.. Program is 30 minutes in length.


Barak Geertsen


Civil War, Transportation
National/State Standards:
Kansas SS Standards Fourth Grade Standards 1,5
Kansas SS Standards Seventh Grade Standard 4
Kansas SS Standards Eighth Grade Standard 4
Missouri SS Standards 3 and 4
Civil War
Field Trips