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(1860s) Saws and Scalpels: Civil War Medicine

Civil War hospital room with two beds and crutches standing in corner
Civil War Hospital Room

Michelle Martin

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During the program, students act out symptoms, diagnose illnesses, and determine treatments. The presenter uses student volunteers to demonstrate disease treatment of the time and a mock surgery.

The Civil War Medical program can be given any time of year,except during Life on the Frontier programs and special events, providing that staffing is available. Program time 30 or 45 minutes. The 30 minute program can be offered as part of Sweep Through History or separately. In the 45 minute program, students form into diagnostic teams to determine diagnoses and treatments of diseases. This version is geared toward the middle school level and is  is just offered separately.


Barak V. Geertsen


Civil War, Health, Medicine
National/State Standards:
KS Health Standards-Fifth-Eighth Grade, Standard Six,
KS SS Standards, Seventh Grade, Unit Two, Standard Four
KS SS Standards, Eighth Grade, Unit Four, Standard Four
MO SS Standards Two and Six
MO Health Standards, One, Two, and Three
Civil War Medicine
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