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(1850s) Your Day in Court

Students reenacting courtroom program
Students reenacting courtroom program

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Students play the roles of the judge, attorneys, plaintiff, defendant, witnesses- and the jury-in this mock courtroom trial regarding a land dispute during the Bleeding Kansas era. During the trial, the jury determines whether the defendant, Mr. Stone, has broken territorial laws in his attempt to reclaim land from Mr. Southwood-land that had previously been owned by Mr. Stone.

To prepare for this program, teachers will asssign all roles in advance but will not allow those who are playing the jurors to see the script in advance. For that reason, the script is not posted online, but will be emailed to teachers once they have made reservations.

The program is one of the stations that could be presented during a Sweep Through History. It could also be presented at other times of year exeept during Life on the Frontier and special events. There are both 30 and 45 minute versions of this program. The 45 minute version is for middle school. Only the 30 minute program will be presented during Sweep Through History.


Barak V. Geertsen


Civil War, Government, Law
National/State Standards:
Missouri Social Studies Standards 1, 2, 2, 6
Kansas Social Studies Standards 1, 2, 4
Bleeding Kansas, courtroom, trials, justice and law
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