Historic Weapons Program

Cannon Firing at Fort Pulaski National Monument
Volunteers fire the 30-pounder Parrott Rifle at Fort Pulaski

Leo Virant

Fort Pulaski National Monument has an active historic weapons programs and presents rifle-musket and cannon demonstrations throughout the year. The park features one of the largest firing reproduction cannon in the National Park Service: A 30-pounder Parrott Rifle.

Members of the park staff receive regular training and certification on the safe and proper ways to load, clean, and fire the muskets, rifles, and cannon which would have been common here. In turn, they train a group of volunteers to serve as demonstrators for the Historic Weapons programs.

At Fort Pulaski National Monument, the National Park Service conducts regular demonstrations of cannon and musket firing blank cartridges throughout the year. Each demonstration includes detailed information on the type of equipment used and how it fit into the larger story of the park.

For more information on Fort Pulaski's Historic Weapons Programs, contact the park directly at (912) 786-5787. The park's certified Historic Weapons Program Coordinator is Joel Cadoff and he can be reached at 912-786-8182 ext. 1103 or by e-mail.

Volunteers work through the National Park Service's Historic Weapons Manual
Volunteers work through the National Park Service's Historic Weapons Manual

Joel Cadoff

Fort Pulaski National Monument has a contigent of local volunteers that help maintain the Historic Weapons Program on a weekly basis. The park sees a number of living history volunteers from the southeastern United States by hosting several weekend programs throughout the year.

Only reproduction weapons are utilized in the Historic Weapons Program. The park has several Enfield and Springfield Rifle-muskets that are used for infantry demonstrations. The artillery program utilizes a 30-pounder Parrott rifle on siege carriage, two 12 pounder bronze howitzers on field carriages, and will soon see a 32-pounder seacoast cannon on casemate carriage.

If you're interested participating in the Historic Weapons Program at Fort Pulaski National Monument, familiarize yourself with the following National Park Service's Historic Weapons Program Guidelines and weapons manuals. Click Here

Last updated: July 30, 2018

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