A Florida and Fort Matanzas Timeline

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1513 - Sailing from Puerto Rico, Juan Ponce de Leon claims Florida for Spain.

1565 - Spanish establish St. Augustine and destroy the French at Fort Caroline and Matanzas Inlet.

1569 - Wooden, unarmed watchtower built at Matanzas.

1586 - Sir Francis Drake attacks and burns St. Augustine.

1668 - English pirates sack St. Augustine.

1672 - October 2
Ground is broken for the construction of Castillo de San Marcos.

1683 Pirates capture Matanzas tower but are driven off before they reach St. Augustine.

1695 - Castillo de San Marcos (curtains, bastions, living quarters, moat, ravelin, and seawall) finished in August.

1702 - War of Spanish Succession pits Spain and France against Austria, Great Britain, and others.

Coastal Georgia Missions are destroyed by Carolinians enroute to St. Augustine.

Carolinians occupy Augustine, but the Castillo successfully resists their siege.
The British burn St. Augustine when they retreat.

1738 - Spanish governor at St. Augustine grants freedom to runaway British slaves. Black families settle at a new town called Fort Mose.

1740 - St. Augustine successfully endures siege by British, Georgian, and South Carolinian forces under General James Oglethorpe.

Spanish attack and defeat British Highland troops camped at Fort Mose.

1740-42 - Fort Matanzas is built to block southern approach to St. Augustine.

1756-62 - Fort Mose rebuilt in masonry. Earthworks at Mose extended to complete northernmost defense.

1763 - First Treaty of Paris gives Florida to Great Britain in exchange for Cuba.

British troops occupy St. Augustine. The Castillo is renamed Fort St. Mark.

British troops at Fort Matanzas to guard against possible Patriot attack.

1783 - Second Treaty of Paris recognizes independence of the United States and returns Florida to Spain.

1810 - Spanish governor requests funds from the Crown to repair Fort Matanzas.

1821 - Adams-Onis Treaty gives Florida to the United States. Fort Matanzas is abandoned.

1825 - Castillo de San Marcos is renamed Fort Marion.

1862-1865 - Union army occupies Fort Marion. Federal troops man a barge at Matanzas.

1900 - Fort Marion is decommissioned after Spanish-American War.

1916 - Initial stabilization and restoration on Fort Matanzas

1924 - Fort Marion and Fort Matanzas are proclaimed national monuments.

1933 - Fort Marion and Fort Matanzas are transferred from the War Department to the National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of the Interior.

1935-1940 - More restoration work done on Fort Matanzas by the WPA. Matanzas visitor center built.

1942 - Original name of Fort Marion, "Castillo de San Marcos", is restored.

1977 - Castillo receives a replica bronze cannon for cannon demonstrations.

1992 -Castillo receives new exhibits.

1995 - Barracks rooms at Fort Matanzas are furnished with replica furniture and uniforms.

1999 - Using money from donations, three replica iron cannon are purchased for cannon firing demonstations--one for the Castillo, and two for Matanzas.

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