The Flag

1868 Flag


How high is the flagpole?

The flagpole is 99 feet high.

How many stars are on the flag?

There are 37 stars on the flag, reflecting the US flag in 1868.

Why does the flagpole look like a ship's mast?

To reach its height, two poles are fastened end to end. As a ship's mast, it is made to withstand high winds. It was not so much a stylistic choice as it was a solution to an engineering problem.

Is that the original flagpole?

No. The original flagpole was struck by lightning and burned in 1877.

How big is the flag?

We fly several sizes of flags. The largest, the garrison flag, is 36' long by 20' high.

How long do the flags last in the Kansas wind?

It depends on luck. Within a few days or weeks, wear usually starts to show. After a couple of months, the flag will certainly need repair. Flags are repaired and replaced frequently.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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