All times are approximate. Each class may take either longer or shorter to complete the following programs.

Bunkie Bison
Pre-K and Kindergarten
1 hour

Young students will discover a special place by engaging in activities using their senses. Bunkie comes along for the fun in the museum, barracks, and parade ground. Games,music, and storytelling make this program a nice introduction to Fort Larned for our youngest visitors.

KDG CCSS: SL1, 3, t, 6; Econ-jobs; RF1b, 1d, 2d; CC4, History-KS symbols
1st grade CCSS SL1.1-1.3, SL1.5; RF1.2, 1.3, L1.1a; History-shelters
2nd grade CCSS; SL2.1-2.3; Civis/Gov-rules & leadership, RF2.3
K-2 Sci-Stand.2/Ben.1; Stand. 3/Ben.1, Stand. 4/Ben.3

The Boy and the Bullfrog
Grades 1 & 2
1.5 hours

Enjoy a leisurely day as a young child growing up at Fort Larned. Hear whit was like living on Officers' Row, near the creek bank.
  • Imagine what it was like to hunt bullfrogs and then eat them later for dinner
  • Participate in a fun relay simulating catching frogs
  • Take home your very own plastic frog as a reminder of the day
3rd grade CCSS: SL3.1-3.3, 3.4, 3.6; W3.4, 3.4; L3.1-3.3; History-customs, cultures, settlers, historic site, economics (Santa Fe Trail)
4th grade CCSS: SL4.1-4.3; 4.4, 4.6 W4.4; L4.1-4.3; History-events (Santa Fe Trail)
5th grade CCSS: SL5.1-5.3,5.4, 5.6;W5.4, 5.6; L5.1-5.3

Fort Larned Adventures
Grades 2 - 4
2 hours

Become a Fort Larned Soldier and journey back in time! Find out about William Cody's visit and Chief Black Kettle's peaceful ways.

  • Explore the fort's grounds and buildings
  • Try on a soldier's uniform
  • Work as a hospital attendant
  • Engage in a 19th century dance
  • Play a 19th century game

3rd grade CCSS: SL3.1-3.3,3.4, 3.6; L3.1-3.3, W3.4, 3.6; History-customs, cultures, settlers, ethnic groups, historic site; Civics/Gov-rules, civic values & duties, responsibilities, leaders, common good, justice; Geo-physical features, natural resources, climate
4th grade CCSS: RI4.7, SL4.1, 4.2,4.4; W4.4, L4.1-4.3; History-migration, commerce, civic & cultural leaders, exploreres, entrepreneurs, Midwest region, Kansas; Civics/Gov-common good; Geo-cultures, Kansas immigrant groups, state boundaries
5th grade CCSS: RI5.7,W5.4, 5.6, SL5.1, 5.3, 5.4, L5.1-5.3

Blend, Bicker and Bargain
Grades 5 & up
2 hours

Older students are invited to examine and connect artifacts, replicas, drawings, and other evidence to each culture. Park rangers will facilitate a discussion about the different cultures at Fort Larned and contributions from each.

Topics include:
Racial Segregation at Fort Larned
Plains Indian Tribes, Treaties & Annuities
Mexican Traders on the Santa Fe Trail

6th grade CCSS: RI6.4, 6.7; SL6.1, 6.2, 6.6; RH6-8.9; W6.3d; L6.1-6.3; WHST6-8.6
7th grade CCSS: R17.4; SL7.1, 7.2, 7.6; RH6-8.9; W7.3d; L7.1-7.3; WHST6-8.6; Kansas (1865-1890s)-immigration, railroads, Buffalo Soldiers, Native Americans, Medicine Lodge Treaty, Sand Creek Massacre
8th grade CCSS: R18.4; SL8.1, 8.2, 8.6; RH6-8.9; W8.3d; L8.1-8.3: WHST6-8.6; Regionalism & Expansion-Indian resistance & Indian Removal Acts; western & railroad expansion

Curriculum-based lesson plans, Life at Fort Larned, are suggested as a pre-site activity.

General Ranger-Led Tour
90 minutes

Follow along with a park ranger as they explain life at Fort Larned for the soldiers, officers, civilians and women at the post.

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