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The Anacosita Watershed Society has been partnering with the National Park Service since 1989.

The mission of the Anacostia Watershed Society is to protect and restore the Anacostia River and its watershed communities by cleaning the water, recovering the shores, and honoring the heritage.

Healthy Solutions Produce coop

Healthy Solutions, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working to enhance the lives of the undeserved and/or underprivileged helping them to make informed decisions about nutrition.


DDOT initially came to Fort Dupont Park with the idea to start Feet in the Street in 2009 and has been an important partner ever since. Fort Dupont supports their alternative transportation efforts, including their Capital Bike Share program and hope to work with them in the future.


As the number one outdoor retailer in the country, R.E.I. has partnered up the National Park Service for years. This year R.E.I. will host a bike repair tent for visitors.

The REI Foundation supports efforts to get more young people, including youth from diverse populations, into nature. Their goal: to help inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and environmental stewards.

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Launched in Ward 7 and focused on the communities that border the Anacostia River and the region of the Anacostia watershed, Groundwork Anacostia River DC utilizes environmental restoration goals as a vehicle for community development.

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Regular exercise in nature is proven to improve children's physical and mental health. Outdoor activity helps kids maintain a healthy weight, boosts their immunity and bone health and lowers stress. Let's Move Outside, administered by the Department of Interior, was created to get kids and families to take advantage of American's great outdoors-which abound in every city, town and community. And together, these agencies oversee more than one-fifth of the nation's land - including millions of acres of National forests, parks and trails.

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Live Well DC is an initiative by the DC Department of Health intended to educate the public and increase public awareness of the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices. It aims to encourage those who live, work and play in the District to live longer and have more productive lives.

National Environmental Education Foundation

The nonprofit National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) provides knowledge to trusted professionals and other leaders who, with their credibility, amplify messages to national audiences to solve everyday environmental problems.


Kids in Parks provides a network of family friendly trails, called
TRACK Trails, that connect various public lands in an attempt to get kids
"un-plugged", outdoors and reconnected with nature for their health and the
health of our parks.


DCPCA is a leader in the health care community as a nonprofit health action and advocacy organization working to ensure that all residents of Washington, DC have the ability and opportunity to lead healthier lives - through increased health care coverage, expanded access, improved quality, workforce development, and enhanced communication.

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