Union Order of Battle

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United States of America Order of Battle

Fort Donelson

Brigadier General U.S. Grant, Commanding

First Division (Brigadier General John A. McClernand)

1st Brigade (Oglesby)

8th, 18th, 29th, 30th, 31st Illinois Infantry

Battery D, E, 2d Illinois Light Artillery

Companies A, B, 2d Illinois Cavalry

Company C, 2d US Cavalry

Company I, 4th US Cavalry

Carmichael's Illinois Cavalry

O'Harnett's Illinois Cavalry

Stewart's Illinois Cavalry

2d Brigade (W.H.L. Wallace)

11th, 20th, 45th, 48th
Illinois Infantry

Battery B, D, 1st Illinois Light Artillery

Illinois Cavalry

3d Brigade (Morrison passed to W.H.L. Wallace)

17th, 49th Illinois Infantry

Second Division (Brigadier General Charles F. Smith)

1st Brigade (McArthur)

9th, 12th, 41st
Illinois Infantry

3d Brigade (Lauman)

25th Indiana Infantry

2d, 7th, 14th
Iowa Infantry

Birge's Western Sharpshooters

2d Brigade (Cook)

Batteries D, H, K Missouri Light Artillery

7th, 50th Illinois Infantry

12th Iowa Infantry

13th Missouri Infantry

4th Brigade (M.L. Smith)

8th Missouri Infantry

Indiana Infantry

Third Division (Brigadier General L. Wallace)

1st Brigade (Cruft)

31st, 44th
Indiana Infantry

17th, 25th
Kentucky Infantry

3d Brigade (Thayer)

1 st Nebraska Infantry

58th, 68th, 76th Ohio Infantry

2d Brigade (attached to 3d Brigade)

46th, 57th, 58th Illinois Infantry

Not Brigaded

Company A, 32nd
Illinois Infantry

Battery A, 1st Illinois (Chicago Light Artillery)

US Navy

Flag Officer Andrew H. Foote, USN, Commanding Naval Fleet Fort Donelson

St. Louis (Paulding); Carondelet (Walke); Louisville (Dove); Pittsburg (Thompson); Tyler (Gwinn); Conestoga (Phelps)

USA War Dept tablet

A United States War Department tablet listing troop strengths and casualties from the 1862 Battle of Fort Donelson.

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