You're In The Army Now

You’re In the Army Now

Kentucky Core Content for Assessment


2.3.1 Social Studies (Culture/Society) – Various human needs are met through interaction


1.0.11 Reading/Literature – Explain the meaning of a passage taken from texts

1.1.14 Reading – Analyze the relationship between events in a story and a person’s behavior


3.1.2 Drama/Theatre – Create a Dramatization

3.1.3 Drama – Demonstrate acting skills to develop characterizations

1.8.2 Health – There is a relationship between stress and physical, mental, &

emotional health

4.4.2 Vocational Studies – Changes in technology impact jobs and tasks

5.1.1 Social Studies (History) – Interpretations of history are subject to change as new

information is uncovered

5.1.2 Social Studies – Primary sources allow individuals to experience history

Tennessee Curriculum


5th Grade, History - List ancient weapons and tools (cannons, muskets, bayonet, etc.)

- Understand the role of the environment in terms of influencing the development of weapons and tools.

- Identify major technological advances (i.e., tools, wheel, irrigation, river dikes, development of farming, advances in weaponry--rifled cannon/musket vs. smoothbore

5th Grade, Government/Civics - Recognize and interpret how the “common good” can be strengthened through various forms of citizen action (during drill, pose the question, “What happens if a cannoneer does his job?” promotes successful out come, full filling duty to his country, etc.)


8th Grade, Culture – Construct a timeline of technological innovations & rate their relative importance on culture

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