The River Runs Through It

The River Runs Through It

Kentucky Core Content for Assessment


2.3.2 Science- Weather changes from day to day

2.3.1 Earth Science – The surface of the earth affects geography

2.3.1 Social Studies (Culture/Society) – Various human needs are met through interaction

in and among social groups

4.1.5 (Geography) – Different factors in one location can have an impact on another

location or event

4.2.1 (Geography) – Every place is unique and can be described by its physical



4.1.2 Social Studies (Geography) – Different factors affect where human activities

are located and how land is used (e.g., rivers)

4.4.2 Social Studies – Physical environment both promotes and limits human activities

(e.g., trade, exploration, forts)

4.4.4 Social Studies – Individual perspectives impact the use of natural resources

5.1.1 (History) – Different perspectives result in different interpretations of historical



4.1.2 Social Studies (Geography) – Mental maps

4.1.3 (Geography) – location and distribution of human features on the Earth’s


4.2.2 (Geography) – Physical characteristics create advantages and disadvantages for

human activities in a specific place

5.1.1 Social Studies (History) – Interpretations of history are subject to change as

new information is uncovered

5.3.5 Social Studies (Literature) – Explain how ideas, thoughts, feelings and cultural

Traditions are reflected in literature

Tennessee Curriculum


5th Grade, Economics - Analyze how developments in transportation communication influenced economic activities in Tennessee.

- Explain how geographic factors influence the location of economic activities in Tennessee.


6th Grade, Geography - Locate the major physical features and cities of the United States on a map or globe.

- Locate continents and significant bodies of water (Tennessee, Cumberland Rivers).

- Identify basic geographic forms (i.e. rivers, lakes, bays, oceans, mountains, etc.)

8th Grade, Economics – Recognize America’s natural resources

- List the major industrial & agricultural products of Tennessee & the U.S.

- Analyze the impact of natural & international markets & events on the production of goods and services in Tennessee & early America

8th Grade, Geography – Recognize how topographical features such as mountains and river systems influenced the settlement & expansion of the U.S. (Ohio/Tennessee River systems)

- Illustrate the geographic exchange of ideas, materials, & goods between the Americas and the rest of the world prior to the Civil War

- Identify major landforms, bodies of water, cities, & states

- Explain the influences of geographic features both physical & human on historical events

8th Grade, History – Identify the impact of individual & group decisions on historical events

- Interpret a timeline of technological innovation

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