From Slavery To Freedom

From Slavery to Freedom

Kentucky Core Content for Assessment


2.3.1 Social Studies (Culture/Society) – Various human needs are met through interaction

In and among social groups (e.g. family, teams, groups)

2.4.1 (Culture/Society) – As cultures emerges and develop, conflict and competition may

occur (e.g. stereotypes, prejudice, and disagreements)

5.1.2 Social Studies (History) – Historical events have multiple causes


1.1.3 Social Studies (Government/Civics) – Democratic governments function to preserve and

protect rights, liberties, and property of citizens

2.2.1 Social Studies (Society/Culture) – All cultures develop institutions, customs, & beliefs

to reflect unique histories (e.g. slavery)

5.1.3. Social Studies (History) – History is a series of connected events shaped by multiple

cause-and-effect relationships, tying past to present


5.2.1 Social Studies (History) – Disagreements over how Reconstruction should be approached

and its various programs led to conflict

Tennessee Curriculum


5TH Grade, Economics - A (TECAP) Differentiate between needs and wants on a personal and national level (i.e. slave wanted to be free).

- Describe the impact of mass production, specialization, and divisions of labor on the economic growth of the United States and other regions of the world (i.e. slave labor)

- Explain how people historically and presently earn their living in different regions of the United States and Tennessee (i.e. slaves’ family/Iron industry, slaves rented by or loaned).

5th Grade, Government/Civics - A (TECAP) Recognize the rights established by the 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th amendments (i.e. freed slaves).

5th Grade, History - Assess the lasting impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction (i.e. loss of slave labor)


8th Grade, History – Classify the characteristics of major historic events into causes & effects (exploration, colonization, revolution, expansion, & Civil War)

- Recognize consequences of westward expansion of the U.S.

- Identify the impact of individual & group decisions on historical events

- Recognize causes & conflicts

- Analyze in economic terms why slavery flourished in the south as opposed to the North

- Identify cultures that contributed to the development of the U.S.

- Determine the social, political, & economic factors that contribute to the institution of slavery in America

- Identify the impact of individuals & group decisions on historical events

8th Grade, Culture – Identify & examine perspectives of various cultural groups in early American history

8th Grade, Process Stds – Detect cause and effect relationships to acquire information

8th Grade, Process Stds – Utilize primary & secondary material such as biographies & autobiographies; novels, speeches, & letters; & poetry, songs & artwork for historical awareness


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