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Artist's impression of the naval battle at Fort Donelson, February 14, 1862.
The naval battle at Fort Donelson, February 14, 1862

NPS Art Collection, Andy Thomas, artist

A Place for Heroes is a 22-minute audiovisual about the Civil War and the heroes of Fort Donelson. The audiovisual is available for loan in DVD or VHS formats. No rental fees. Request the film by faxing the name, address, and date required to: 931 232 4085 ATTN Education Ranger. This is a short trailer for the film.

Confederate Monument at Fort Donelson
The Confederate Monument at Fort Donelson


The National Park Service partners with the Civil War Trust on a variety of projects, including interpretation and education. On this page you will find some excellent lesson plans for elementary, middle and high schools, as well as some materials for a gifted program.

Lincoln memory trail
The Memory Trail project begins in February, 2011, with the commemoration of Abraham Lincoln's journey to Washington, DC, for his inauguration.


Teachers...are you planning a special event at your school commemorating an event or person from the American Civil War? You can help document your effort and share it with others here.

A new website to help interpret to students the path from slavery to freedom.


The War for Freedom website brings teachers and students close to the day-to-day lives and thoughts of black Americans moving from enslavement to emancipation.

Slavery Booklet 2011


This new booklet, created by the National Park Service, explores the history of the "peculiar institution" of slavery throughout our history, and the role of slavery in the coming of the Civil War. This booklet is in the public domain and may be reproduced for classroom use. Copies of the booklet are available for sale in the park's Eastern National bookstore.

Learn more about African Americans at Fort Donelson here!

The Campaign for Fort Donelson
Published by Eastern National

Eastern National/ NPS

This booklet serves as an excellent introduction to the Fort Donelson campaign. You may click here to read it.

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