Cannon Drill

Cannon Drill

Kentucky Core Content for Assessment


2.0.9. Informational Reading-Make predictions and draw conclusions based on what is read

4.0.7. Practical Reading-Follow directions

2.1.1 Mathematics (geometry/measurement)-Basic geometric elements including points, lines, segments, sides, edges, faces.

3.4.1 Social Studies (economics) –Producers create goods and services; consumers make economic choices

4.4.2 (Geography) – People adapt to or modify the environment to meet their needs

5.1.2 (History)- History can be understood by using primary and secondary sources

and tools (e.g. artifacts)

4.4.2 Vocational Studies – Technology

4.4.3 Vocational Studies – Many tasks can be completed more efficiently when team

Skills are used

3.3.8 Drama/Theatre – Identify and discuss a variety of creative dramatics

(improvisation, role-playing, storytelling)

2.3.3. Science – Gravity is the force that affects movement


4.0.11 Practical Reading – Locate and apply information for a specific purpose (e.g. following

Directions, completing a task)

2.2.6 Mathematics – estimate and determine measurement of angles

3.3.4 Mathematics- How probability and statistics are used to make predictions or draw


4.4.1 Social Studies (Geography) Technology assists human modification of the physical


5.2.4 Social Studies (History) – Political, social, economic, and cultural differences among

sections of the U.S. resulted in the American Civil War


4.0.1 Reading- Locate, evaluate, and apply information for a realistic purpose

4.0.8 Reading (Practical Reading)-Identify essential information needed to accomplish a task

2.2.7 Mathematics (geometry/measurement)- Students will apply formulas for the slope of a line, distance between two points

(Probability/statistics) Students will understand differences between theoretical and

experimental probability

4.4.1 Social Studies – Humans develop strategies to overcome limits of their physical environment

5.1.3 Social Studies – Cause and effect relationships can be analyzed by looking at multiple

Causation (e.g. technology, resources)

Tennessee Curriculum (


5th Grade, Government /Civics - Recognize situations requiring conflict resolutions.

- Recognize and interpret how the “common good” can be strengthened through various forms of citizen action (during drill, pose the question, “What happens if a cannoneer does his job?” promotes successful out come, full filling duty to his country, etc.


6th Grade, History- List ancient weapons and tools (cannons, muskets, etc.)

- Understand the role of the environment in terms of influencing the development of weapons and tools

8th Grade, Culture – Identify specific technological innovations & their uses

8th Grade, History – Recognize the influence of science & technology on the development of early American colonial cultures (i.e., compass, shipbuilding, food storage, printing, financial markets, weaponry, transportation)

– Recognize causes & consequences of conflict

– Interpret a timeline of technological innovations

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