A Surrender Most Disgraceful

A Surrender Most Disgraceful

Kentucky Core Content for Assessment


2.0.7 Informational Reading –Identify the organizational pattern in a passage

4.0.7 Practical Reading – Follow directions in a passage

4.0.8 Practical Reading – Sequence is important

4.0.9 Practical Reading – Interpret specialized vocabulary

2.1.1 Social Studies (Culture/Society) – Language, music, art, dress, food, &

stories help define culture


3.1.1 Drama/Theatre – Create a script that can be used in a dramatic performance

3.1.2 Drama – Use the elements of production to create a dramatic work

3.1.3 Drama – Improvise short dialogues and monologues to describe ideas and events

3.1.5 Drama – Assume roles that communicate aspects of a character or characters

in history

3.3.4 Compare and contrast the use of the elements of drama in a variety of works

using appropriate vocabulary


2.4.2 Social Studies (Culture/Society) – Compromise and cooperation are characteristics

that may influence social interactions

3.3.1 Social Studies (Economics) – Numerous factors influence the supply of and demand

for products

2.1.2 Dance – Work cooperatively with partners to create a dance that communicates ideas,

thoughts, and feelings

2.1.3 Dance – Create a dance that communicates a social issues based on a historical event(s)

3.3.9 Drama/Theatre – Analyze drama from various periods, cultures, settings, languages

Tennessee Curriculum


5th Grade, History - Recognize military and nonmilitary leaders from the North and during Civil War (i.e., Frederick Douglass, Clara Barton, Chief Justice Roger Taney, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis)

– Distinguish between national/state governments & compare their responsibilities in the U.S. federal system

5th Grade, Culture - Recognize components of American culture (i.e., holidays, language, clothing, food, art, music, and religion)

- Explain how art, music, and literature reflected the times during which they were created


6th Grade, History - Identify conclusions about early world historical events using primary and secondary sources

8th Grade, History – Identify the impact of individual & group decisions on historical events

– Differentiate between a primary & secondary source

8th Grade, English – Participate in creative responses to text (dramatizations, lectures, speeches)

8th Grade Process Stds. – Use community resources such as field trips, guest speakers, & museums for historical awareness

8th Grade Process Stds., - Read critically a variety of materials including textbooks, historical documents, newspapers, magazines, & other reference sources for historical awareness

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