Field Trip Logistics for School Groups


Telephone 432-426-3224 ext. 220
Fax 432-426-3122

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time. Closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Please call in advance to schedule your visit. We want your students to have a positive experience, so we try to limit the number of groups arriving on the same day.
Mail or Fax an educational fee waiver(DOC/PDF) at least one month in advance. A written request must be on file before you arrive. State the purpose of your visit, how it relates to classroom study, the number in your group, and date & time of arrival.

Bus engines are prohibited from idling anywhere in the park--to maintain historic sense of quiet. Please inform all bus drivers of this regulation. School buses may park only in the main parking lot. Turn off engine before loading and unloading students.

Upon arrival, the leader of your group should report to the Visitor Center and pick up materials for the program you have chosen. Assemble students on benches outside.

Educators receive a 15% discount on books and other material purchased in the Visitor Center Bookstore for classroom use.

The 15-minute park video shows in the auditorium every half-hour, except when the retreat parade plays--or upon request.

Three drinking fountains are available at the park-inside the Visitor Center, outside the Auditorium, and in front of the Commanding Officer's Quarters. Water bottles are availavble for purchase in the Visitor Center. The drinking fountains outside the Auditorium and in front of the Commanding Officer's Quarters are turned off from November to March because of freezing weather.

The National Park Service is committed to protecting the fragile cultural resources of the fort and hopes that students visiting the park will become inspired by its history, motivated to come again, and ultimately concerned about its future.


1. Federal law protects all historic (old square nails, pieces of pottery, glass, etc.) and natural (rocks, flowers, lizards, etc.) objects. Do not pick up or take anything home.
2. Do not stand, sit, climb on, or lean against any ruin or foundation.
3. No food or drinks inside buildings, except closed water bottles.
4. Use gravel pathways around the parade ground rather than walking on the grass.
5. Students must stay with sponsor at all times. No more than 20 students in the Visitor Center at a time.

The only restrooms are near the Visitor Center, and are fully accessible.

A sponsor should be with every group at all times, both indoors and outdoors. Stagger your groups so that no more than 20 students from your school enter a building at one time.

Picnic tables without shade are located adjacent to the main parking lot. There are also picnic tables under shade trees located 1/8 mile walk from the parking lot --if you need help transporting lunch items, let us know. Other picnic areas are available outside our park - at a county park 1/4 mile south of town on Hwy. 17, at Davis Mountains State Park, or at pullouts with picnic tables along the highway.


Hats, sunscreen and water are recommended for everyone because of the park's high altitude & intense sun. Winter days in the mountains can be very cold, and unseasonably cold weather can hit October through April-so it is advisable to bring gloves and coats. For the safety of students and other park visitors, please, no running at the Fort.

The park has an electric cart available for use (free) on a first-come/first-served basis for physically challenged and mobility-impaired visitors. It holds 3 people plus the driver, must be signed out to a licensed adult driver, and the driver must stay on prescribed paths.

The park has a one-mile and a two-mile hiking trail that goes to the top of the mountain. Elevation gain is 300 feet. Request a hiking trail map at the Visitor Center. Water bottles and closed-toe shoes are recommended. Please stay on the trail; do not cross-cut or get off trail to climb on rocks. Our trails connect with those of Davis Mountains State Park.

A small bookstore/gift shop that carries a wide selection of books, postcards, historic toys/games, and related items is located in the Visitor Center. There are also private gift shops in town.


Back in the classroom, we invite you to utilize our post-visit materials availabe on this website.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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