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150 volunteer applicants have been accepted to plant trees for this year's 'Plant a Tree at Flight 93' event. This Spring nearly 600 volunteers are helping to reforest 23 acres with approximately 15,000 seedlings. This volunteer effort is helping create the landscape memorial designed to honor the passengers and crew of Flight 93 and their actions on September 11, 2001.

Registration is required to participate. No walk-on volunteers will be accepted.

Event Details
Volunteers should plan to arrive by 9:00 AM and work until mid-afternoon. Water and lunch will be provided to all pre-registered participants. A detailed event agenda is provided as part of the registration process. For more information about volunteering for this event, review the frequently asked questions below.

What To Expect When Volunteering
Planting tree seedlings on former surface mines sites can be fun, but volunteers should expect it to be hard work. Although planting trees does not require unusual physical demands, it should be understood that the planting terrain at Flight 93 National Memorial is difficult to traverse. The soil has been prepared for tree planting in a way that makes it similar to a deeply plowed agricultural field. The ground is characterized by rows of deep furrows (or ruts) and high mounds (or ridges). It is rough, rocky ground that may have occasional hidden soft spots underfoot. It ranges from level to moderately steep. The soil may be muddy and difficult walk in.

I've never planted trees before. Will I be working alone?
Volunteers will be pre-assigned to work in teams of 10 people. Each team will be supervised by a professional forester who will continually work on a one-on-one basis with you, providing ongoing training and answering any questions you might have. The forester assigned to your team will provide you with the proper techniques and ensure you are planting your seedlings in the correct way. Volunteers will work in pairs for the day. One person will do the planting and the other person will handle the tree seedlings.

What exactly is the process for planting?
Each volunteer pair will have an assigned job. One volunteer may be assigned to planting, which is done with a 10 pound metal tool called a 'dibble bar'. The dibble bar has a heavy spade-like end that is thrust into the soil to make a deep hole for the seedling roots. Volunteers may need to make repeated thrusts into the soil if rocks are encountered. The other volunteer in the pair will handle the trees, carrying about 50 seedlings and peat moss in a plastic bucket weighing about 25 pounds. Your forestry team leader will provide detailed instructions on event day.

What can I do to be volunteer ready?
Volunteers should be prepared for the weather (cold, windy, wet, muddy conditions) and should dress warmly in layers. Wear sturdy, but comfortable boots. You may wish to bring rain gear and a pair of work gloves. Dibble bars and buckets will be provided. Consider stretching out before beginning work on event day. Water and lunches will be provided to all registered volunteers.


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