Curriculum Materials

Below are a variety of lesson plans developed to help students gain an understanding of geology, paleontology, science, and history at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.

These activities are great for stand alone, in-class lessons or as pre and post trip materials for a visit to the Monument.l

Most of the activities require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. Downloads are available for individual lessons as well as for the entire unit. All PDF files contain answer keys.

The Paleontologist's Path

Grade 1 to Grade 3
Grade 4 to Grade 6

Paleontology Curriculum for High School Students

This High School Curriculum was developed by National Park Service Staff using grants from the The National Park Foundation, Parks as Classrooms, and Canon USA.

Unit One: The Nature of Science
Unit Two: Paleontology
Unit Three: Evolution

Paleontology Curriculum for College Students

Unit One: Introduction

Unit Two: Geology

Unit Three: Fossilization

Unit Four: Identification

Unit Five: Ancient Climate

Unit Six: Fossil Database

Views of the National Parks

VIEWS: Virtual Tour and Curriculum for Middle and High School

Teaching with Historic Places

Unit on the Hornbek Homestead and the Homestead Act

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