Field Trips

Currently all field trips are being offered virtually, click here to learn more.

Elementary Groups

Young students can be guided through the Ida Saxton McKinley House and compare this home from the 1800's to their home. They'll discover how different life was for children living with no televisions, smart phones, or even electricity! Because of the small size of the house, we cannot accomodate groups of more than 25 at once. Contact to reserve a children's tour.

Middle, High School & College Groups

Beyond taking a tour of the Saxton House, we also offer the following programs that allow classes to take a more indepth look at the the role of the First Lady.

The Stealth Advocacy of the Modern First Lady - A brief history of the role of the evolution of the role of the First Lady with a focus on how we got to where we are now. Learn how modern First Ladies have presented political positions in apolitical ways while maintaining their high favorability ratings.

The Women Behind the First Ladies - While the First Lady is often presented as a traditional motherly figure, the real domestic work is almoat always done by other people. Learn the stories of these people including: Ona, Martha Washington's escaped slave, Elizabeth Keckly Mary Lincoln's dressmaker, and more!

First Lady of the World - After Franklin Roosevelt's death, Eleanor Roosevelt was no longer First Lady but her story was far from over. Learn about her work in the United Nations putting together the Declaration of Human Rights and compare that document to our nation's Bill of Rights. Students will work together to create their own Declaration of Rights.

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Girl Scouts

Every First Lady since Edith Wilson in 1917, has been the Honorary National President of Girls Scouts. We honor that legacy here by offering free programs and badges to visiting Girl Scout troops! Your troop can join a ranger for a special program on First Lady fashion, suffrage, or activism. For a list of programs, contact us.

Last updated: February 12, 2021

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