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Solitary Geyser

Solitary Geyser erupts every four to eight minutes.

When Yellowstone National Park was established this feature was known as Solitary Spring and it did not erupt. Water was diverted from the spring to a swimming pool which lowered the water level sufficiently to start eruptions. Even though the diversion channel was filled and the water returned to its original level in the late 1940s, this thermal feature has not returned to its stable hot spring condition. A temporary change in the water level has led to a long-term change in the nature of this portion of the geyser basin illustrating the delicate nature of these geothermal systems. Most eruptions today occur every 4 - 8 minutes and last about 1 minute.  They are typically less than 6 ft in height.*

*This information was found in the book The Geysers of Yellowstone, by: T. Scott Bryan.

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