Yellowstone's Photo Collection

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are these images in the public domain?

A. These images are in the public domain and may therefore be used in your publications at no charge.

Q. Do I need to include a credit line if I publish an image?

A. Yes, the credit line should read "NPS Photo" or "NPS Photo by (photographers name)".

Q. Why are the images so big? They are much larger than the viewing area on my monitor.

A. The images were scanned at the standard requested by the Associated Press in a call to their New York office. They are scanned for printing purposes and not for screen purposes. They can be converted for screen use using any photo editing program. Also, the most recent browsers will resize the image to fit your screen when it is fully loaded. Upgrade your browser to reap the benefits of many new browser capabilities.

Q. What size are the images?

A. The images are 6.75" X 10" at 200 pixels per inch. This is the same as 4.5" X 6.66" at 300 pixels per inch. They can easily be converted to 300 pixels per inch in a photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop.

Q. Why are some topics very well covered while others are missing altogether?

A. We currently have about 12,000 of our 19,000 images scanned. Rather than have you wait until the entire file is scanned, we decided to place the incomplete file online. Other major subject areas will be included in future versions of the slide file.

Q. How do I save an image to my hard drive if I am using Netscape Navigator?

A. To save an image to your hard drive, click on the thumbnail to load the full-sized image. Right-click on the image when it is fully loaded. Select "Save Image as.." from the pop-up menu. Name the image and place it in the desired folder on your computer. (Instructions for saving images in MS Internet Explorer are on every navigation page in the digital slide file.)