Lesson 3
Interactive Topics

  1. Choose one of the programs from the "Alphabet Soup," like SSA or FDIC and do some research on it. Is it still in effect today? What changes have been made to it? Do you think the lawmakers who enacted it intended it to last this long, or do you think they intended it to be a temporary measure to get the country out of the Depression? Explain.
  2. Design your own "Newer New Deal." What problem or problems would it seek to improve? Who would it help? Who would be eligible to participate? What would participants receive? How long should it last? Who will manage it and how will it be paid for? How will you prevent fraud?
  3. What is propaganda? Give an example of something you've seen that you think is propaganda. Now think of something you want to have happen and create a poster, magazine ad, or commercial for it.