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Leon W. Hall
Leon W. Hall
1947 - 1989

At 17, Leon W. Hall left high school, sacrificing his high school diploma. Even though he realized the value of education, Leon surrendered to an unyielding call into the campaign for racial justice. Leon joined the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, as a "Full-time" volunteer organizer.

He was born in Montgomery, Alabama and early on committed his life to organizing for "the common good" of the "total Community." From 1963-65, Leon led and coordinated student demonstrations throughout the Southeast, developing and participating in sit-ins towards desegregation public of accommodations, to serving as youth coordinator, under Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for the Selma to Montgomery march.

Working as an astute lieutenant, in the most dangerous and critical period of the movement, Leon proved himself, not only as a dedicated and loyal follower, but as a courageous and thoughtful comrade in arms. He initiated programs through the organization that clearly spoke on the issue of racial injustice to Black children.

In 1966-68, Leon’s leadership and development in the southern leg of the Poor People’s Campaign proved to be one of his greatest challenges, but Leon rose to the occasion, as hundreds marched from Mississippi to Washington, D.C.

Giving of himself and his talents, Leon never yielded to obstacles and frustrations of the new expanded movement, but remained steadfast to realizing the "dreams" of his inspiration, Dr. King.

He formed an organization for those who had worked in the trenches for civil and human rights, called Movement Veterans, Inc.