From a wooden walkway, visitors can enjoy a view of a pond, surrounded by vegetation. In season, water lilies pattern the surface with green leaves and colorful blossoms. A sign and a picture post are located along the gravel path.

Planting Time

The sign's title appears over an oval-shaped photograph of a gardener wading in knee-deep water, and six inset photographs.

Sign Text in English and Spanish:
"To grow tropical plants in the mid-Atlantic region takes patience and know how. For over a century gardeners have watched for cues that it's safe to plant fragile aquatic lilies outdoors. But now climate change alters when these cues appear, especially in spring and fall. Your photos can help us track nature's cues. Take photos on the nearby picture post to help us record changes here."

Photos and Captions in English and Spanish

A small inset photo shows the gardener kneeling next to the pond and putting a thermometer in the water.

"When nature signals spring, Kenilworth's gardeners check pond water temperatures. Too low, and tropical lilies could die."

The large central oval photo of the gardener shows him wearing a wide-brimmed hat and waders. He carries a potted plant — a blossoming water lily with white petals and large, flat, round leaves on long droopy stalks.

"At the right time after the last frost and when the water has warmed, gardeners move tropical lilies from the greenhouse (behind you) to the summer pond. Planting times must change now as the climate changes."

On the right, a photo shows a mat of lilies with bright pink flowers floating on the pond's surface.

"The gardeners' goal — ponds full of brilliant blossoms for July's annual Lotus and Water Lily Festival."

Signs of Spring

A group of four photographs in a square on the lower left show the signs of spring that the gardeners observe.

A photo shows a robin perching on a cherry tree branch covered in light pink flowers.

"Robins arrive; cherry trees blossom."

A photo shows clusters of small dark pink flowers coming out of the tree's thin brown branches.

"Redbud blooms."

A photo shows water lilies dotting a peaceful pond.

"Hardy lilies emerge in the ponds."

A close up photo features several dogwood tree flowers on the ends of branches. Each has four white petals around a greenish-yellow knobby center.

"Dogwood trees flower."