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Traveling Through Time: Project Credits

The Dogs

Photo of sled dog Chica Photo of sled dog Comatose Photo of sled dog Lorien
Chica Comatose Lorien
Photo of sled dog Mahal Photo of sled dog Nessa Photo of sled dog Mardil
Mahal Nessa Mardil
Photo of sled dog Intia Photo of sled dog Twilight Photo of sled dog Toolik
Intia Twilight Toolik


The Travelers

Photo of NPS Ranger Zak Richter Photo of NPS volunteer Peter Flynn Photo of NPS volunteer Josh Klauder
Zak Richter Peter Flynn Josh Klauder


The Content

This web feature is the result of a collaborative effort. Overall support came from the National Park Service - Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, and from Alaska Geographic. Particular thanks to Tracie Pendergrast, Zak Richter, and Pam Rice at NPS, and to Lisa Oakley at Alaska Geographic.

Most photos are by Josh Klauder, except those marked:
Carl Johnson - images 1,2,3,31,39,40,41,42
Zak Richter - image 9, and the Home Page image
Peter Flynn - the pictures of himself and Josh on this page.

Web design and construction, and image manipulations, by Josh Klauder/Ravensong Digital.