living room
    Hey, do you know what Grant and Eisenhower had in common besides being presidents? ANSWER
The Living Room

This is the fanciest room in the house - the living room. It was so fancy that President Eisenhower didn't even like it. He called it stuffy and said that it reminded him too much of the White House. So the Eisenhowers didn't use the room very often.

The living room is full of gifts that were given to the Eisenhowers over the years. That black coffee table was a gift from the First Lady of South Korea and the rug was a gift from the Shah of Iran. The fireplace used to be in the White House. President Grant removed it way back in 1873. Eisenhower's White House staff found it 80 years later stored under someone's porch. They gave it to the Eisenhowers as a gift.

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