Assignment 3.

Get to Know the President   I

Ike and Mamie Do you know who was President right before Eisenhower? Harry Truman.

When Mr. Truman first became President, the Secret Service was unaware he had a habit of taking walks very early in the morning. On his first day in the White House, he unexpectedly walked out the door at 6 am. The agents sprinted frantically for several minutes before they caught up with him. The Secret Service didn't want the President to be strolling down the street unless he had at least four agents at his side!

To do a good job protecting the President and First Lady, an agent needs to be familiar with their habits and interests. To get to know the Eisenhowers, take a tour of their Gettysburg farm house at The Strictly for Kids Only Eisenhower Home Virtual Tour. (Keep in mind that normally the on-duty agents would not be stationed inside the house). Before you begin the tour, turn to the next page and print up the questions you will need to answer.

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