Assignment 2.

Eisenhower White House Detail
Aptitude Test

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Not every agent has the personality to work the White House detail. Answer the following questions to see if you would do well if assigned to the Eisenhower White House detail:

Eisenhower grandchildren 1.   Some of the agents on the White House detail were assigned to guard the four Eisenhower grandchildren. The agents called it the "diaper detail." They sat with the children all day at school. If one of the children was invited to sleep at a friend's house, the agent went along and sometimes ended up working 24 hours straight. Would you be willing to work the "diaper detail?"

Yes ______                        No _____

2.   Being an agent is not always exciting. In the heat of the summer, you have to stand for hours outside in a business suit. In the middle of winter, you work your post outside the Eisenhowers' Gettysburg home at 4 in the morning in the freezing cold. Can you endure long hours of discomfort and extremes in temperature?

Yes _______                        No _______

Golf bag with rifle 3.   President Eisenhower loved to play golf. The agents were fearful that one day he might be attacked on the golf course. To guard the President while he played golf, the agents disguised themselves as golfers. They walked through the high grass on the edge of the fair ways with rifles in their golf bags. Are you in good enough shape to keep up with the President's golf cart all day while carrying a golf bag and rifle over your shoulder?

Yes ______                        No ______

4.   The job of the secret service agent can be dangerous. When President Eisenhower visited Morocco, fierce looking tribal horsemen armed with rifles suddenly appeared in front of the President's limousine. The agents feared they would be in a shootout in order to save the President. Luckily, the horsemen were only there to welcome the President. Are you willing to sacrifice your life to save the President?

Yes ______                        No ______

5.   When you work the White House detail, one of your duties is to guard the First Lady. Mrs. Eisenhower had a habit of giving nicknames to the agents. She even called one "Twinkletoes" because he was a good dancer. Could you keep from getting upset if Mrs. Eisenhower decided to call you Twinkletoes all the time?

Yes _______                        No _______

6.   The President hated ground hogs on his farm because they dug holes in his pasture and underneath the walls of his barns. The agents would shoot the ground hogs for the President and keep a record of how many they killed. One year they shot 117. If asked, would you shoot ground hogs for the President?

Yes _____                        No ______

7.   Agents on the White House detail are sometimes required to serve as drivers for the President and his family. They often drive at fairly high speed in motorcades made up of long lines of big cars. One agent embarrassed the Agency when he drove into another car in the Eisenhower motorcade one day. Would you be a safe driver?

Yes _______                        No _______

Congratulations! If you answered "yes" to 5 or more of the above questions you will likely perform very well as a member of the Eisenhower White House detail. If you didn't have 5 "yes" answers, don't worry! You can still qualify for the White House detail, it's just that you may not enjoy the work!

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