Yosemite Anniversary Stories

Becoming part of a Tradition

I have been coming to Yosemite since before I could remember. As a family, we have tried to make Yosemite a week long trip every year since I was young. I have made countless memories in this park that I will have to share for the rest of my life with family and friends. There [...] Read More »

The Beauty & History of Yosemite in Historic Photos

I love to “re-photograph” historic images from National Parks across the USA. I visited Yosemite for the first time in May of 2014. Locating each historic photo site let me view the landscape through the eyes of photographers of up to 150 years ago, as well as through my own experiences today. From the summit [...] Read More »

Sandi meets the bear

It was 1946 and I was 5 years old. I was staying with my parents in a cabin at Curry. I spent most of the day in the pool or river. My folks were not hikers. My dad tried to fish, but rarely caught anything. The fish were very smart. I remember so well the old village site with wonderful ice cream cones. My dad often got a haircut there while my mom and I went for ice cream. I remember the shows at the Indian Village where the California costume one can see on display in the Indian Museum was worn to entertain visitors. I am ashamed to say I have forgotten the name of the gentleman who wore it, but you can find it and his name, and more, in the current Indian Museum. Read More »

A Family Tradition

My family first came to Yosemite in the 1930's. They were part of the Great Depression migration from Oklahoma. My father came first and fell in love with it so he encouraged the rest of the family to visit. It became a family tradition to spend Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays at Yosemite. My grandparents would come early and set up camp down by the river. There were no sites then. My father and his two brothers and all the cousins would come. Each year there was a new story to tell. Read More »

Fire Falls

My grandmother and her husband met while they both were working for the Curry Company in the late ’40s. My step-grandfather was a millwright and his primary responsibility was boilers and mechanical systems at the Yosemite Valley facilities that the Curry Company operated. Occasionally, he was tasked with the responsibility of traveling up to Glacier [...] Read More »

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