Yosemite Anniversary Stories

Fire Falls

My grandmother and her husband met while they both were working for the Curry Company in the late ’40s. My step-grandfather was a millwright and his primary responsibility was boilers and mechanical systems at the Yosemite Valley facilities that the Curry Company operated. Occasionally, he was tasked with the responsibility of traveling up to Glacier [...] Read More »

We Were Lucky in More Ways Than One!

Cannot remember the exact date, but in the 90′s we took my husband’s parents (from Australia) to Yosemite. They were absolutely in awe. It was snowing. Been there two days and had Sunday brunch at the Ahwahnee Hotel which was superb! We got in our car and started to leave Yosemite, at which time, there was [...] Read More »

Outrageous free entry leads to donation

Recently my family and I were entering Yosemite on our way to backpack the John Muir trail. As we pulled up to the entrance gate, my daughter said that she thought I could get a senior discount because I’d just turned 63. I asked the attendant and she said yes, I can have a free [...] Read More »


In the summer of 1958, my family came to Yosemite for a day picnic. We lived in Pittsburg, CA at the time and I had just finished the 1st grade. My sister and I were walking carefully across the rocky edge of the river, when I felt a stab of pain in my right foot. Read More »

Bears – Drive Slowly

Just returned from a wonderful Yosemite Experience. Along with many other vehicles on Highway 41, we pulled off the road to watch a cinnamon colored bear sow with cub. At one point the mother bear got swarmed by bees and slid down a pine-needle covered slope on her belly. What a great behavior to witness. [...] Read More »

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