Jo Mora Exhibition

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Event Date:

07/01/2014 - 07/31/2014

Event Time:

All Day

Jo Mora (1876-1947) was a prolific artists whose significant work celebrates California and captures the fading western frontier. In 1904 Mora visited Yosemite Valley and was moved by his experience to respond artistically. Mora’s Yosemite work ranges from beautiful watercolors and pen and ink landscape drawings to his famous Yosemite Carte which illustrates in detail and with humor the many iconic features of Yosemite Valley.

In 2011, the Central Sierra Arts Council and the Jo Mora trust partnered to publish From Dust to Granite: The Yosemite Art and Writing of Jo Mora, which connects Mora’s detailed journal entries about his journey to and time spend in Yosemite Valley to his artwork.

Leveraging the work already done by the Central Sierra Arts Council and the Jo Mora Trust, the Mariposa County Arts Council has the opportunity to exhibit the Yosemite work of Jo Mora and would like to do so as part of the Yosemite Anniversaries. This exhibition of Mora’s work would connects the cultural and geographic significant/relevance of Mora’s work to the Central Valley, the foothills, and Yosemite through his maps, journals entries, and artwork. The exhibitions interpretive aim is to have the audience reflect on how they personally combine and share text, imagery, and mapping in their own lives through their artwork, journaling, and social media experiences, particularly with respect to their time in Yosemite.