Through a Lens and Through a Pen: Inspiring Future Generations to Explore Nature Along Bear Creek, Midpines

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10:00 am - 2:00 pm

This annual, one-day event, introduces local youth, through photography and writing, to the Sierra Nevada foothill riparian environment and the concept of watershed as it pertains to Bear Creek, Midpines .  As the Merced River flows through the heart of Yosemite Valley, it is eventually joined by the Bear Creek tributary in Midpines.   As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s protection of the Park, we propose a day for 10-18-yr-olds by Bear Creek–a day for art and creation.


Art has always played an important role in protecting nature.  Nearly 150 years ago, Yosemite National Park was the first wild land to be protected, in our nation, due to the images of artists and photographers like Carleton Watkins.  Today, we invite local youth to use that same naturalist lens to capture the beauty in our own backyard.  We will be presenting photography and creative writing workshops for students 10-18.  All materials, snacks, and lunch to be provided.  The photos and writing produced will be displayed at the Mariposa County Library in July, 2014.


To reserve a space (only 35), please contact Angie Heiss at