The Memorial Bridge connects the North and the South, Lincoln to Lee, Union to Confederacy, and past to the future.

Many people don't go in the back of the Lincoln Memorial. Those few that do, they see a beautiful view and also see Arlington Bridge goes across the river, over the Potomac River. And the bridge goes across to Virginia, over to the National Cemetery. At the top of the hill there is Robert E. Lee's home. He's Commander of Confederate forces during the Civil War. Confiscated during the Civil War, his plantation, it was a military post and casualties buried in the back of this plantation during the Civil War. Also there's the connection physically from Arlington Bridge, is from the Lincoln Memorial to Arlington National Cemetery. There's also the connection to those who served and sacrificed during the Civil War, and also many other wars, buried in the cemetery there.

The casualties of war lie behind Lincoln. He remembers them, looks to the future, and sees what a unified nation can yet achieve.