Lincoln's memorial reminds us of what we have become as a nation. Where we began, what we should aspire to achieve and as such it's become the venue for demonstrations, celebrations, protests, and many other forms of expression and rightly so. Certainly the Civil Rights Movement from the time of the 1930s when Marian Anderson sang on Easter Sunday to the time of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speech in 1963, to the march on Washington. Certainly reminded us of where we needed to attend to the needs of our citizens in the larger sense all in the shadow of Lincoln's statue. Lincoln certainly had been the advocate for Civil Rights of the 20th Century that we might have hoped he could achieve. We will never know that due to his assassination. But you could argue that he had set the ball rolling through his Emancipation Proclamation, through his leadership that led to victory and ultimately to the ratification of the 13th Amendment that ended slavery. Certainly this memorial is the place where citizens should discuss what their Constitution and their Declaration of Independence truly do mean today and in the future too.