Honoring Vietnam Veterans in Granite and Bronze

National Mall and Memorial Parks Vietnam Veterans Memorial 

Night time photo of the wall with a flag  in place


Entering into the area of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, there are three sections to explore.  Nestled into the earth is the black granite wall.  Etched into the wall are the names of over 58,300 dead or missing people. Each name has a history, a story, and is deeply personal to visitors to the site. For other visitors,  histories might be discovered – possibly through interactions with a park ranger or volunteers. The names cease to be just names on the wall, but become the memorial.

“The Three Servicemen” emerged out of the controversy surrounding “the Wall.” Three men represent different branches of the military and differing ethnicities; the statue is a figurative description of those who served.  “The Vietnam Women’s Memorial” also offers a figurative experience. One woman stands - looking for assistance; one kneels - struck by despair; one sits - helping the wounded. While expressing the pain of war, these two different statues also illustrate the diversity of the military and the personal nature of the war. You are welcome to visit all three parts in person or virtually through the website www.nps.gov/vive or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NationalMallNPS


Last updated: May 22, 2015