Park Employee for a Day Geocache #5

Geocache 5 Climate Change

In 2008-under the direction of the Superintendent-the park completed a planning effort aimed at identifying options and desired directions for Flamingo's future. Subsequently, the park has completed a master plan, which provides guidance to rebuild Flamingo as an eco-friendly destination with sustainable lodging options and visitor amenities.

The new Flamingo is very much being designed with the realities of climate change in mind. To maximize the return on investment of park funds and guard against catastrophic losses in the future, the use of expensive permanent buildings is being minimized in favor of elevated, semi-permanent lodging options. This novel approach is being considered to provide greater flexibility in adapting to both seasonal conditions and long-term projections of sea level rise.

Visitors to the Flamingo campground can preview on of the experimental Eco-Tents being evaluated for eventual use in the future. Structures such as these could be removed seasonally to protect against damage during the busy hurricane season, and be relocated in decades ahead as coastal conditions merit. Once complete, the renovation of this area will be a showcase of sustainable coastal development for future generations of Flamingo visitors.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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