Park Employee for a Day Geocache #2

Ranger Leads a Group on the Anhinga Trail

In accordance with both legislation and agency policies, Everglades National Park remains wild and free. People only temporary visitors to this special place and passive observers of all its inhabitants-including American alligators.

For the safety of both visitors and alligators, park employees work to minimize the potential for interaction. These efforts begin online, with guidance on alligator safety made available on maps and trip planners. On the trail, signs are used as reminders to maintain a safe distance. And during the Spring, nests built in close proximity to the trail are clearly marked and fenced off to discourage access.

Rangers regularly patrol to ensure that pets and food are not taken on the trail, as they can serve as attractants for alligators and other wildlife. Though park staff can never fully mitigate all risk from alligators, attention to visitor safety can help lessen the opportunities for serious incidents. Please remember to always be respectful of wildlife during your visit to the park today.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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