Florida Bay - New Access Corridor Markers and Signs

newly-installed marker at the south end of Frank Key idle-speed corridor, looking north towards Frank Key
Installation of new access corridor markers and signs in Florida Bay is almost complete!
All corridors have now been marked, with only a few minor adjustments pending.

  • On-plane: Dave Foy, Dump Keys (south of existing channel), Madeira Bay, Terrapin Bay, Roscoe Key, North Jimmy, Bob Allen Pass, Coon Key Pass, Crab Lake, Peterson Keys, Buchanan Keys
  • Idle-speed: Snake Bight East (off Snake Bight Channel), Porpoise Point, Garfield Bight, Rankin Bight, Santini Bight West, Santini Bight East, Terrapin Bay West (off Terrapin Bay corridor), Samphire Key, Brush Key, Twisty Mile, Little Blackwater, Little Buttonwood, Cluett Key, Topsy Key, Sid Key, Tarpon Basin/Marker 42 Creek
  • Slow-speed: Nine-mile Bank North, Nine-mile Bank South
  • On-plane and idle-speed: Frank Key (north segment on-plane, south segment idle-speed), Palm Key (from west end of Tin Can Channel on-plane, near island and to center of Tin Can Channel idle-speed)

For details, visit Florida Bay map book and the Florida Bay Boating Routes and Zones web map below.

Note: Map includes all park maintained channels, including the 32 new corridors (which do not currently appear on nautical charts). Boaters are required to use standard and electronic navigation charts, and adhere to regulations of all newly-installed aids-to-navigation as posted.
channel marker map legend

Work was performed by a contractor in consultation with park staff. Funding was through the NPS and generous donations to the South Florida National Parks Trust from Yamaha and the American Sportfishing Association.

Boaters should be aware there are important changes to existing channels as part of this project:
  1. Twisty-mile Channel is now an idle-speed corridor, and adjacent area a pole/troll zone;
  2. Dump Key Channel: a new corridor has been installed just south of the original channel; later this year the original channel will be eliminated and be part of a pole/troll zone;
  3. North Jimmy Channel: a new corridor has been installed just north of the original channel; later this year the original channel will be eliminated and be part of a pole/troll zone;
  4. Pollock Key Channel and Bob Allen South Cut: an alternative on-plane corridor has been installed (called Bob Allen Pass) to provide access across this area and better protect resources; later this year the markers at these two short cuts will be removed and the areas will be part of pole/troll zones.
This project is a key component of the integrated GMP implementation strategy to enhance protection and enjoyment of the park’s marine areas. The Joe Bay/Snag Bay area was opened to public use for the first time in over 30 years in November 2016, and several other related GMP projects are expected to be completed this year:
  • Launch of the park’s boater education and permit program;
  • Availability of electronic navigation products (by major GPS companies, and a park boating app);
  • An Everglades National Park marine waters boating guide, developed in collaboration with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Last updated: June 5, 2018

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