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"I Wish I Had Blubber"              Habitat Video: Florida Bay

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Grade Level:
Third Grade-Seventh Grade
Aquatic Studies, Biology: Animals, Marine Biology
45 mins
Group Size:
Up to 36
indoors or outdoors
National/State Standards:
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: SC.D2.2,
S.C.D.1.2., SS.B.2.2, LA.A.2.2
manatee, blubber, Survival


Students will be able to explain why manatees can not survive in cold water. Students will be able to explain the dangers of boat propellers to the Florida Bay sea grass habitat, and to the manatees. Students will describe four characteristics of the manatee.


Florida Bay is home to the manatee. Manatees are an endangered species. "Deadly Waters" is a mystery novel that takes place in the Florida Bay. The book's plot is about manatees that are dying without an obvious explanation. Possible explanations: When water temperature falls below 68 degrees, the water can become deadly to the manatee because

of their lack of insulating blubber. Boat propellers also pose a threat to the manatee. Boat propellers also destroy sea grasses of the Florida Bay. Sea grass, such as manatee sea grass, is a vital food source for the manatee.

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Manatee, sea grass, blubber, heat

Last updated: April 14, 2015